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Roof membrane systems

Roof membranes (also referred to as pre-cover membranes) are the essential intermediate layer of a professionally installed roof. . Do not forget about it when building or repairing a roof in a residential, office or commercial building. All Corotop® roofing membranes are resistant to stretching or tearing, , but differ in performance and purpose. Our offer includes three-layer, high-permeability and waterproofroof membranes with different properties and weights that have a significant impact on the long-term, proper functioning of a dry roof.

Corotop® Red Strong, Corotop® Ultra and Corotop® Power are the most commonly selected membranes by roofers and investors.

The main function of Corotop®roof membranes is to protect against water and snow, to remove excessive dampnessfrom the thermal insulation layerand to protect against wind. Our membranes meet high quality parameters that last longer by using the right dose of UV stabilizers. High resistance to longitudinal and transverse tearing, minimizes the risk of damage during installation.