Why Corotop

Corotop® - the best roof membranes and roofing accessories

The Corotop® was established in 2000. We manufacture durable components for modern roofs, made with the highest precision and meeting exacting quality standards: roof membranes, facade membranes, vapour barrier films and roofing accessories.

Quality and durability counts

In our factory, we apply innovative solutions to membrane production, use a modern machine park and have an advanced laboratory for performing durability tests.

Expertise counts

We rely on the experience of experts in roofing systems. It’s the expertise of our qualified team that creates long-lasting products used by the best roofers. We are pleased that practitioners appreciate our contribution to their hard work and choose Corotop® products.

The invisible counts

Membranes are one of many layers of a solidly constructed roof. Although invisible, it is a membrane that provides protection from adverse weather conditions and transmits excess moisture.

Customer counts

Corotop® products are popular with customers and contractors in 50 countries around the world. We develop our product portfolio and provide the necessary know-how with them in mind. Just like our customers, we want buildings to serve them for many years.