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    Who we are? … a few words about new strategy of Corotop brand.

    Welcome to the world of the Corotop brand, where you will get professional assistance in purchasing the insulation system and roof membranes of the highest quality in a friendly atmosphere! Our brand guarantees superior quality of its products expressed by a level of exceptional resistance to moisture and external conditions, and provides individual sales-relatedsupport, which allows you to build lasting relationships withstanding any circumstances. Corotop means more than just resistance It means technological knowledge It means substantive support our customers It means implementing system solutions It means responsibility – a membrane is the key element of any roof We are at your disposal! Corotop Team

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    Get to know us better – CB Group

    History of the CB Group begins in 1995 when brothers George and Lesław Górscy decided to start their business. They were among the first entrepreneurs to the construction trading industry in the time of post-communist Poland. Their efforts paid off – after a short time, their Centrum Budowlane (Building Centre – CB) became one of the largest wholesalers of construction products in the country. In 1997, we introduced our first brand Rednet, and the development of the machine park has enabled us to create new ones. In 1999, we established our flagship brand, Corotop, and in 2004, the SECCO brand. Over the last 20 years, we have developed along with the changes in the Polish construction industry, adapting the offer to the current needs of professionals. Currently, we are one of the most successful manufacturers and distributors of professional building materials in Poland and Europe. The dynamics of the company and the consistent implementation of our development strategy allowed us to create a high-quality trading programme, based on several distribution channels. Our products are marketed through specialised distribution companies, wholesalers, and building depots, as well as by DIY shop chains. We supply manufacturers of construction chemicals, roofing systems, and insulating materials in complementary products offered by these systems (the so-called “private labels”). We supply products for the roofing industry, insulation systems, dry construction, and tile-laying. As CB S.A., a joint-stock company, we can better understand the needs and expectations of our customers, and respond to their individual preferences. We are professional, committed, and focused on achieving mutual benefits with our business partners and customers. CB S.A. is a unique way for us to establish and build relationships with customers of the company, which translates into our whole system of values. We take joy from the business and success coming from a job well done. Business is Exciting!

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    How can I order Your products?

    To order our products, please call or e-mail to one of our traders, responsible for the area where your business is located.

    How long does the order and delivery process take?

    Usually we are able to complete the order in 48h, including delivery time.

    Where can I find your products' folder?

    You may find our products’ folder on our Homepage or directly using this link.

    Who I should contact with in case of product replacement?

    In case of any issue with your order or product You have purchased, please contact Your trader, responsible for area where Your business is located.

    Is it possible to pick-up my order in company's HQ?

    Yes, it is possible – we support both small and large volumes. Our Trade Departament and Storage is available Mon-Fr, 8:00-16:00.


    CB S.A.
    46-053 Chrząstowice
    ul. Ozimska 2A

    Telephone: +48 77 400 50 40, +48 77 400 50 41
    Fax: +48 77 400 50 45


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