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Our roofing materials combine innovative technologies, refined solutions and expert knowledge. Corotop® stands for quality, reliability and durability. Explore our offer of roof membranes, facade membranes, vapour barrier films and roofing accessories. Go to the category of your choice or download our current catalogue. See you at the construction site!


Thermal insulation systems

Corotop® Thermo thermal insulation is thermal insulation over rafters in two variants: Corotop® Thermo RED or Corotop® Thermo ALU.

Roof membrane systems

Membranes (also referred to as pre-cover membranes) are the essential intermediate layer of a professionally installed roof.

Facade membranes protect the walls of buildings from uncontrolled ventilation and dampness while venting water vapour.

Corotop® vapour barriers protect the roof from excessive dampness and uncontrolled heat escape.


Special adhesive tapes are used to join, repair and seal various elements and materials during roofing work.

Element of the ridge system

The ridge is the highest point on the roof where two opposing slopes meet.

Chimney product systems

The area around the chimney is one of the most sensitive places on the roof.

Corotop® valley gutters efficiently channel water away from the roof surface.

Hood systems

The eave is the lower part of the roof slope important for draining rainwater and providing ventilation in the roof.

Mounting systems

The main component of the installation system is the clips that fasten the tiles to the battens.

Roof communication systems

Roof communication is a system of elements used for efficient and safe movement on the roof.

Snow protection systems

The most common protection in this area is snow-protection barriers mounted on brackets appropriate to the type of roofing.