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    Who we are? … a few words about new strategy of Corotop brand.

    Welcome to the world of the Corotop brand, where you will get professional assistance in purchasing the insulation system and roof membranes of the highest quality in a friendly atmosphere!

    Our brand guarantees superior quality of its products expressed by a level of exceptional resistance to moisture and external conditions, and provides individual sales-relatedsupport, which allows you to build lasting relationships withstanding any circumstances.

    Corotop means more than just resistance

    • It means technological knowledge
    • It means substantive support our customers
    • It means implementing system solutions
    • It means responsibility – a membrane is the key element of any roof

    We are at your disposal!
    Corotop Team


    CB S.A.
    46-053 Chrząstowice
    ul. Ozimska 2A

    Telephone: +48 77 400 50 40, +48 77 400 50 41
    Fax: +48 77 400 50 45


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