Which side to install the membrane

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by investors. To make it easy to remember, we answer graphically: with the inscription up, to the sky, to the roofer on the roof. We want to show a little bit of ourselves to the world. This way you can let your neighbours know that a reliable membrane is installed on your roof 🙂 But seriously, this way of installing the membrane is due to its construction. Let’s start with the fact that most membranes consist of three layers.

The first, upper layer consists of PP fabric, the middle layer is a functional film, and the lower layer is again PP fabric. The most important element is the functional film. It is responsible for the vapour permeability and waterproofness of the membrane, i.e., for protecting the building against moisture and the ingress of water and snow into its interior.  Therefore, in addition to the high quality of the functional film, effective protection is also important. We protect it with two layers of fabric, with the upper layer, with inscriptions, being significantly thicker. This is because it is easiest to damage it from the outside, for example during installation. The thicker fabric layer protects the functional film from mechanical damage, such as an accidentally dropped hammer or roof tile. In addition, it protects the film from the harmful effects of the sun, i.e., UV.