About Corotop brand

Corotop - modern roof systems for many years!


Innovation, optimisation, development are the ingredients of our quality

Corotop brand is a comprehensive roof system offer. We offer a wide range of high quality roof underlays, facade membranes and vapour barriers. We take a holistic approach to roofing issues – that’s why we also provide accessories: roof tapes, valley products, eave products and more. You can find them on the pages of this catalogue.

In our work, we use modern technologies and follow the principle of sustainable development. We are constantly taking measures to protect the environment – every moment of the life of the products we manufacture is monitored and managed. 

We provide top quality products that will ensure your roof lasts for years to come. 

Accessories, tools, security - our offer is comprehensive

We think broadly about roof systems, hence the range of additional products we offer. Ensure solid roofing ventilation by reaching for a variety of roofing accessories. Supplement membrane installation with tapes for sealing, jointing and repairing. Use our tapes and product for ridge ventilation, chimney tapes and other products for valley and eave sealing. Ensure safety with products dedicated to safe roof communication and snow protection. 

All products are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, fulfilling customer demands.

Poland, Europe - thousands of customers have trusted us

Our products are delivered to the market throughout Poland and Europe by specialised distribution companies, wholesalers and building depots and home-improvement store chains. We gained the trust of professionals and contractors.

The Corotop brand has gained many devoted customers thanks to the dynamics of development, based on the consistent achievement of goals. All the time, we choose modern solutions, guided by the needs of the market. The right strategy has allowed us to forge a safe and trusted trading path.

Research and development

This is what our work looks like!

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, we are constantly developing our offer. We constantly monitor the market, trends, customer needs and supplier offers. This keeps us “up to date” all the time. Moreover, it motivates us to continuously invest in new technologies and laboratory equipment, to undertake research and development of products. 

The latest technology is the key!

We have started up one of the most modern lines in Europe for the production of functional PP/PE films, using pouring technology (CAST), with a module for longitudinal film stretching MDO ( Machine Direction Orientation). The longitudinal stretching module allows the size of the micropores formed to be controlled, thus controlling the vapour permeability parameter. 

A line for the production of non-woven synthetic fabric has also been launched, thanks to which we produce 2- or 3-layer membranes with high and low vapour permeability. 

We are the experts of this industry!

A technologically advanced machine park allows us to produce membranes in compliance with the highest European standards from scratch. This is confirmed by numerous certificates that meet the highest criteria.

We specialize in spunbond non-wovens fabric extrusion technologies, thermobonding lamination processes and powder or hot-melt adhesive bonding, also known as hot-melt process.