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    Project Description

    Corokap® V

    The eaves closing comb is made of flexible PVC, which prevents comb’s elements againts breaking under the pressure of tiles. It protects eaves area and underside roof space from birds, rodents, insects access as well as blown-in leaves and twigs. Thanks to a built-in ventilating element the air-circulation of a roof space is improved. Special footdistances allow the easy installation of gutters’ hooks.


    • eaves closing comb protecting the eaves area and underside roof space


    • increased ventilation space
    • protects eaves’ area and thermal-insulation againts the access of birds, rodents and insects
    • prevents from blowing in leaves and twigs
    • resistant to mechanical damages
    • resistant to different weather conditions and UV-rays
    Technical data
    Dimensions 1 rm
    Color brick red/brown
    Height 55 mm
    Grill dimension 48 mm x 24 mm
    Packaging 50 pcs.


    Project Details
    Category: eave-products


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