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    Category: vapour-barriers

    Project Description

    Corotop® Metallic

    The vapour barrier which is a combination of nonwoven polypropylene with a layer of aluminum screen. Thanks to the reflective coating reflects heat radiation and increases energy efficiency of rooms. Product resistant to mechanical damage.


    • to attics, walls and ceilings
    • recommended in rooms where increased vapour level is generated
    • applied as a complementary product with high vapour permeable membrane in a roof system


    • light and easy application
    • protects thermal insulation againts damaging water and damp influence
    • prevents from mildew arise
    • helps to sustain healthy and fresh climate at the attic
    • actively regulates vapour level in a room
    Technical data
    Reaction on fire class E
    Watertightness Requirements met
    Resistance to water vapour diffusion 1,98· 10-10 [m2·s·Pa/kg]
    Resistance to impact NPD
    Tensile strenght
    along ≥190 [N/50mm]
    across ≥140 [N/50mm]
    along ≥50 [%]
    across ≥10 [%]
    Resistance to tearing (nail shank)
    along ≥40 [N]
    across ≥60 [N]
    Resistance to water vapour diffusion after artificial aging Requirements met
    Alkali resistance NPD
    Strenght of the joint NPD
    Vapour Permeability (SD) 40 Sd [m]
    Grammature 80 [g/m2]



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