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    Project Description

    Corotop® RED STRONG 180

    Corotop Red Strong is a very durable, three-layer and highly vapour permeable membrane produced by thermobonding method which guarantees strong connection between layers. Using this membrane increases the safety during application and supports moves on a roof slope. It is recommended especially on fully-boarded roofs because of very good resistance parameters. Produced in an unique red colour, being the colour of the Corotop brand, the membrane is a synonime of prestige and the highest quality and bestseller in our offer.


    • the membrane dedicated on roofs with full or part-boarding
    • initial underlay for thermally insulated, ventilated, sloping roofs
    • to be used to most types of roof coverage, particularly under ceramic, concrete and metal tiles


    •  minimizes heat loss
    • regulates two-way vapour permeability
    • protects thermal-insulation againts damping
    • the product with unquestionable resitance parameters in its class
    • the flagship Corotop product
    • also available in version with 2 adhesive stripes (Corotop Red Strong 180+)
    Technical data
    Reaction to fire class E
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along 450 [N/50mm]
    across 300 [N/50mm]
    along 85 [%]
    across 130 [%]
    Resistance to tearing
    along 250 [N]
    across 350 [N]
    Flexibility at low temperature -40 [°C]
    Artificial aging
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along 375 [N/50mm]
    across 250 [N/50mm]
    along 55 [%]
    across 85 [%]
    Grammature 180 [g/m2]
    Vapour Permeability (SD) 0,02 Sd [m]


    Project Details
    Category: roof-underlays


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