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    Project Description

    Corotop® POWER 250

    A higly vapour permeable membrane with a special, anti-condensation structure protects thermal-insulation, provides its liveness and durability for many years. Through usage of special needleloom fibre the membrane is able to absorb vapour surplusses which later on are successively released outside. This prevents againts vapour condensation occuring during colder days. The product is recommended especially on roof coverages which are under the influence of high loads during application, as well as in any construction where the product’s resistance to any external factors is particularly important.


    •  the membrane dedicated on roofs with full or part-boarding
    • initial underlay for thermally insulated, ventilated, sloping roofs also with a not big slope
    • to be used to most types of roof coverage, particularly under ceramic concrete and metal tiles


    • Premium class membrane-connection of extreme resistance and high vapour permeability
    • enriched with needleloom fibre-anticondensation layer
    • high grammature provides resistance to highest loads
    • a product’s structure and the process used in production guarantee unusual resistance
    • to external factors

    • also available in version with 2 adhesive stripes (Corotop Power 250+)
    Technical data
    Reaction to fire class E
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along 750 [N/50mm]
    across 700 [N/50mm]
    along 50 [%]
    across 75 [%]
    Resistance to tearing
    along 380 [N]
    across 430 [N]
    Flexibility at low temperature -40 [°C]
    Artificial aging
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along ≥80%
    across ≥80%
    along ≥60%
    across ≥60%
    Grammature 250 [g/m2]
    Vapour Permeability (SD) 0,05 Sd [m]


    Project Details
    Category: roof-underlays


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