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    Project Description

    Corotop® METAL 440

    A product made of the three-layer Corotop membrane and a drainage mat with specially designed weave placed from the external side. The drainage mat provides distance between used metal sheets and the membrane creating a durable and effective roof coverage system. The membrane is resistant to influence of high temperatures and UV-rays. It ensures optimal ventilation as well as vapour permeability at the same time.


    • under roof coverage from flat metal sheets placed on both ventilated and not ventilated boarded roofs
    • on slope roofs covered with flat metal sheets
    • recommended under any types of standing seam or overlap steel sheets


    • protects roof steel sheets againts corrosion
    • suppresses sounds of atmospheric precipitation and provides great acoustics
    • guarantees roof’s ventilation in a metal sheets roof coverage
    • a special drainage mat prevents a roof membrane from overheating
    • easy in application
    • also available in version with 2 adhesive stripes (Corotop Metal 440+)
    Technical data
    Reaction to fire class E
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along 320 [N/50mm]
    across 200 [N/50mm]
    along 75 [%]
    across 100 [%]
    Resistance to tearing
    along 210 [N]
    across 270 [N]
    Flexibility at low temperature NPD
    Artificial aging
    Resistance to water penetration NPD
    along NPD
    across NPD
    along NPD
    across NPD
    Grammature 440 [g/m2]
    Vapour Permeability (SD) 0,02 Sd [m]


    Project Details
    Category: roof-underlays


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