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    Project Description

    Corotop® FORCE PROTECT 235

    An Extremly durable, four-layer and higly vapour permeable roof membrane strengthened with special polyethylene mesh. The product’s structure and its strength parameters guarantee the highest resistance to damages within other offered membranes branded Corotop. Thanks to four layers, the membrane ensures unbeatable parameters, unchangeable even under the influence of unfavourable weather conditions for many years. It also provides the safe application regardless of heavy loads. The product is dedicated to clients searching the best solutions on the roof membranes market.


    •  the membrane dedicated on roofs with full or part-boarding
    • initial underlay for thermally insulated, ventilated, sloping roofs also with a not big slope
    • to be used to most types of roof coverage, particularly under ceramic concrete and metal tiles


    •  reinforced with specialised mesh of new generation
    • guarantess optimal durability and resistance
    • very high resistance to infuence of weather conditions
    • resistant to ageing processes
    • also available in version with 2 adhesive stripes (Corotop Force Protect 235+)
    Technical data
    Reaction to fire class E
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along 500 [N/50mm]
    across 400 [N/50mm]
    along 50 [%]
    across 65 [%]
    Resistance to tearing
    along 400 [N]
    across 450 [N]
    Flexibility at low temperature -40 [°C]
    Artificial aging
    Resistance to water penetration class W1
    along ≥80%
    across ≥80%
    along ≥60%
    across ≥60%


    Project Details
    Category: roof-underlays


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